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Complete high performance machine shop services for performanace & racing engines

Our services include:

  • Main bearing boring and honing
  • Cam hearing line boring
  • Lifter bore truing for more accurate valve timing and repairs
  • Block boring and decking with fixtures to blue print all surfaces
  • Connecting rod service, reconditioning to bushing wrist pins while maintaining exact center to center lengths
  • Crankshaft polishing and balancing (crankshaft and rotating assembly)
  • Cylinder head flowbench
  • Cylinder head development
  • Unlimited valve seat profiles available - click here to view video
  • Valve guide service
  • Engine assembly
  • Dyno service

We offer custom welding repairs and fabrication servcices including:

  • Stainless steel welding
  • Aluminum welding
  • Oil pan and valve cover modifications for specific chassis fitment issues
  • Lathe and vertical mill custom machining

Track Support and Tuning Servcies

Engine program management, first designing a reliable competitive engine according to the applicable rules. Assessing demands along with budget to develop maintenance schedules to ensure maximum reliability and power. Ultimately evolving the program to stay ahead of the competition.


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